Joe Miller Is Now Dead Last

A few weeks ago, heck a few days ago, Tea Party Republican Joe Miller was leading the US Senate race in Alaska, but now a new poll puts him dead last.

A Hays Research Group poll released today shows write-in candidate Lisa Murkowski in the lead with 34 percent and Democrat Scott McAdams with 29 percent of the vote, while poor Joe “I never shave” Miller clocked a measly 23 percent.

Here’s what Politico’s Shira Toeplitz has to say about Miller’s nosedive.

Miller’s plunge in the new poll comes on the heels of several misfires in the local and national press. Most recently, Miller’s employment records from his job as a part-time attorney with local government were unsealed Tuesday, in which he admitted to using company computers for political purposes and then lying about it.

I wrote about that kerfuffle here.

What’s also likely a factor is that Miller is cocky, his views are kind of kooky and he has a perpetual five-o-clock shadow – that went out of fashion when Miami Vice went off the air in 1989.

But the biggest problem for Miller isn’t just that he’s losing to a write-in candidate, his unfavorable ratings are really in the toilet. Sixty-eight percent of Alaskans view Miller as somewhat or very unfavorably, with 60 percent saying very unfavorable. That’s not good because that leaves just 26 percent who still like Miller.

So far I count three Senate seats, and there could be more, that Republicans would have won had the Tea Party candidates not gotten the nomination: Delaware, Nevada and now Alaska. I’m still not convinced that Rand Paul will win in Kentucky, and frankly, we have no business talking about a Democrat winning Kentucky, but he might thanks to the Tea Party.

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