I Get The Tea Party Now

Tea Party follower Portland, Maine

Tea Party follower Portland, Maine

I’ve been scratching my head as to what this Tea Party thing is all about since it started last April 15 with people protesting paying their taxes, it didn’t make sense to me then, but I’ve got it figured out now.

What has had me perplexed, besides the contradictions in their message, is why the Tea Party people crawled out of the woodwork now. I mean, we’ve been paying taxes for a long time. Congress has been wasting our money for as long as there’s been a Congress. None of the issues that they complain about are new. So why now?

At first I thought, it’s because we have a black president and a lot these people are just old white racists who can’t stand seeing a black man in the White House. While that’s undoubtedly a motivating factor for some Tea Partiers, it doesn’t explain it all – it’s too simplistic an answer.

Here’s why the Tea Party exists today, and it didn’t in 2008.

Once the Democrats took over the Congress and the White House, really really rich people started freaking out in their really really rich people way; they hired lobbyists and agitated a faction of the American population.

One of the lobbyist they hired was former House Majority Leader Dick Armey. Armey is the chairman of FreedomWorks. FreedomWorks is a lobbying organization headquartered in Washington, DC and it’s a major backer of the Tea Party movement.

To get enough white people riled up, the scared filthy rich folks then turned to Fox News. The cable “news” channel not only covered the events, Fox News employees even egged on the crowd to shout louder, louder and louder while the cameras were rolling. Rupert Murdoch’s news network sponsored and promoted Tea Party rallies with virtually 24-hour coverage of Tea Party events.

Fox News commentators and anchors banged the drum that President Obama is a socialist, a communist, a Nazi, not really American, a Muslim, etc. They successfully created the illusion that Obama isn’t legitimate. He’s not one of them. He has no right to tell you what to do. That’s where the subtle racism comes into play.

So with the money and organization flowing through FreedomWorks and the propaganda spewing forth from Fox News the Tea Party movement was born.

It has the illusion that it’s just a grassroots organization that just popped up out of nowhere, but no, this is a political organization funded by scared rich white people who need these angry lower and middle class white people to travel around the country to do their bidding, which is to stop government regulation of their industries and taxing their billion dollar bonuses.

It’s really the same old story, people with money convince average Americans to rally for their cause despite the fact that what the average person needs is exactly what they’re fighting against.

A perfect historical example of this was slavery. The average poor white southerner not only didn’t benefit from cheap slave labor, but it drove down their own income potential, yet, plantation owners convinced them to protect slavery and even fight a war over it.

The Tea Party backers have been able to tap into existing animosity towards Congress, and now a black President, to push their real agenda which is to stop any and all Democratic policies. If the Democrats lose the Congress and the White House, the Tea Party will fade into the background – at least that’s what the GOP and rich and powerful hope.


Nick Bach

while it’s not news to me, this article is a very straight forward and simple way to explain what the tea party REALLY is. Thank you for a intelligent explanation for us to send on to our friends and relatives to show them what is really going on. Hopefully this will help prevent them from wasting time and money on a fraud against the American people.

Dave B

You said it best with ” It’s really the same old story, people with money convince average Americans to rally for their cause despite the fact that what the average person needs is exactly what they’re fighting against.” That is so true on so many levels its scary, but they still drink the kool-aid.


Controlled Opposition

They aren’t a real truth movement. The real truth movements are mocked and marginalized. They aren’t promoted on every news channel. It perpetuates the illusion that there is a difference between left and right, republican and democrat.

It’s pro wrestling. Don’t get Vince McMahon’d.


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