Health Care Blamed for US Slump on Global Longevity Scale

The Democrats chose to “compromise” on health care and to govern like a bunch of pansies, and now they’re crapping their pants with the November elections looming.

If they’d done what people elected them to do, which was end the wars and pass universal health care reform, they’d be in a lot stronger position. But instead, they compromised with the GOP and the health insurance industry, and for what? What did they get for their compromise?

Well there’s a new report that shows that people who live in countries with universal health care live longer – period. This isn’t the only report that shows this, it’s just the latest.

The Republican party is quite happy with everyone working for as little wages as possible and then when they’re done working – to just go off some where and die quietly. They’re called cheap labor conservatives – they don’t care about you and they never have.

WASHINGTON (AFP) – Life expectancy is shorter in the United States compared with other wealthy nations because of its health care system — and not obesity, smoking, homicide or vehicle accidents, according to a study out Thursday.

In 1950, the United States ranked fifth for female life expectancy at birth, with only Australia, the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden doing better, according to the study by Peter Muennig and Sherry Glied of Columbia University, published in the journal Health Affairs.

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