Glenn Beck discovers Obama’s secret plan to give Native Americans reparations

Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck

On his show yesterday Glenn Beck has uncovered yet another secret Obama administration plot. This time it’s Native American reparations.

In a speech last Thursday, on the same day of the Ft. Hood massacre, Obama talked about Native Americans. He actually spoke about Native Americans on that day. Here’s what he said.

“Few have been more marginalized and ignored by Washington for as long as Native Americans – our first Americans,” Obama continued. “We know the history that we share. It’s a history marked by violence and disease and deprivation. Treaties were violated. Promises were broken.”

Beck was outraged. He said he “couldn’t believe it.” He couldn’t understand how that type of rhetoric could “spill out of my television” on this day.

“I saw President Obama talking,” Beck said, “about Native American rights in the middle of the tragedy at Ft. Hood.”

But to make matters worse, we’re not just talking about a few casino licenses and free health care. What Beck has discovered is that this Obama policy that the president so shamelessly pushed on the day of the Ft. Hood killings is actually part of Van Jones’ “passionate plans for Native Americans.”

Back in February, the former Green jobs Obama appointee, said this about Native Americans: “Give them the wealth! Give them the respect that they deserve!”

So there you have it. Van Jones, who worked in the White House for like a week, is still firmly in control of Obama’s policy, particularly when it comes to Native Americans. The next thing you know Obama will be talking about reparations for slavery too.

Now of course, Obama’s speech wasn’t the non sequitur Beck made it out to be on his show. The president was actually giving a speech at the Tribal Nations Conference in Washington, D.C. Obama assured the 400 tribal leaders who attended the event that his campaign promises were not just “lip service.”

His administration has opened the door to better communication between the tribes and the federal government by signing a memorandum strengthening a Clinton executive order to foster better relations.

And as for reparations, whether it’s a “passionate plan” of Van Jones or not, is it such a crazy idea? Some might argue that genocide comes at a cost not just for the victims but the perpetrators too.

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