Ezra Klein Says Ryan Can’t do the Math on Tax Cuts Because he Doesn’t Want to

Congressman Paul Ryan loves to refer to himself as a “numbers guy.”

Yet, when he’s asked to explain how his $480 billion tax cuts will be revenue neutral, he clams up.

On Fox News, Ryan was asked to explain how $480 billion in tax cuts, of which $187 billion goes to the richest 1 percent, won’t add to the federal deficit.

His response was that it’s too complicated and would take too long to explain.

Please, that’s a load of crap. He knows it.

The fact is, as Ezra Klein wrote on Wonkblog, “Ryan pretends that the policy is too complicated for the country to understand, when in fact it’s too flawed for him to explain.”

Trying to describe how slashing a half a trillion in tax revenue is revenue neutral, is, as a Vermonter might say, “You can’t get there from here.”

And setting aside whether Ryan’s plan is actually revenue neutral, what’s the point?

If the point is to juice the economy (i.e. put money into the market), how does that happen if everyone is paying the same in taxes now as they were before his plan is enacted.

And if Ryan’s plan is to reduce the deficit, how does it do that if there’s no additional revenue?

Simply moving money from one bucket to another seems like a pointless exercise in futility.

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