Cops Called to Arrest Democratic Voter at Eric Cantor Meet-and-Greet

In Kentucky, campaign workers do the beat-downs, but in Virginia, the police do it.

Virginia’s Congressman Eric Cantor represents the 7th district. He running against Democrat Rick Waugh. Cantor refuses to debate his opponent, but he publicized on his Web site a meet-and-great to allows voters the opportunity to ask him questions.

Well, Democrat John Taylor and his son RSVP’d. When they showed up at the coffee shop, they were asked to leave. Taylor refused and the cops were called and he was taken down hard.

Correction: Headline adjusted to more accurately represent what happened. The coffee shop owner called the police, Cantor had yet to arrive when the man was arrested.



You do realize that your title is a lie right? Cantor had nothing to do with the police being called and in fact showed up 20 minutes after the taped altercation. The coffee shop owner asked the people to leave because they were allegedly causing a disturbance. Get your facts straight, or at least don’t outright lie to readers.


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