Enquirer Editor Details How the Tabloid Broke the John Edwards Affair Story

The former editor of the National Enquirer David Perel details how he used technology and psychology to get the John Edwards love child story.

It took two years, thousands of man hours and a cross-country chase to catch John Edwards cheating.

That was the easy part.

Even after gathering and publishing overwhelming proof that the man who wanted to restore America to the moral high ground as president had fathered a love child while his wife battled terminal cancer, the more difficult task proved to be getting anyone to believe it.

As Editor-in-Chief of the National Enquirer I devoted unprecedented resources to the Edwards story while supervising a large team of reporters and editors whose ultimate goal was simply to sell newspapers while exposing a hypocrite (not win a Pulitzer, although, hey, that would have been fun, if only to observe the whoopee-cushion effect it would have had on so many journalists).

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