Did Sarah Palin Really Fake Giving Birth to Trig?

Rumors have been gurgling on the Internet since 2008 that Sarah Palin is not the mother of her son Trig. There’s been no hard evidence that Trig isn’t her son, but there is some compelling new eyebrow raising evidence that something fishy is going on here.

An Alaska blogger, Gryphen, has been all over Palin for years. Yesterday he published a story “A Tale of Two Babies by Sarah Palin.” In it Gryphen provides photographic evidence that the baby Palin lugged around just after she allegedly gave birth to Trig in April 2008 is not the same baby we see her schlepping around today and on the campaign trail in 2008.

While it’s not true that photos never lie – check these out. Take note of the alleged Palin baby’s ear.

These photos were taken during the baby shower.

Note the deformity of the ear

Note the deformity of the ear

Now here’s a close-up of the baby’s ear Palin claims is her baby.

Closeup of supposed Palin baby Trig

Closeup of supposed Palin baby Trig

Trig's right and left ear comparison

Trig's right and left ear in 2008 compared with when he was a newborn.

Here are the photos Palin took at the shower with her alleged son and introduced him to the world.

Palin with baby taken at baby shower

Palin with baby. Photo taken at baby shower. Same camera. Same day. Same baby.

Here’s the baby trig on the campaign trail in 2008. Now he has perfect little ears.

Here's Trig being held by one of the Palin daughters

Here's Trig being held by one of the Palin daughters

The deformity that the baby Palin held in the baby shower would not go away on its own. Doctors interviewed by Gryphen said that surgery would not have been done until the baby was 4-years-old. And even if surgery were done on a baby, there would be scaring and the ears would not be perfect.

Gryphen said that he interviewed several doctors and all of them said that there is no way the baby at the baby shower is the same baby Palin had been toting around on the campaign trail.

I showed the baby shower picture to a number of medical professionals, including an Ear, Nose, and Throat Specialist, a physician, an audiologist who specializes in children’s hearing issues, and a pediatrician (None of them knew they were looking at a picture of Sarah Palin’s child). Each agreed the ear is visibly malformed. I asked them if this defect could “heal” or disappear on its own. “Of course not”, they each replied. I then showed them pictures of Trig Palin’s ear from the campaign. Again, none knew they were looking at a photograph of Sarah Palin’s son. I asked all if it could possibly be the same child, four to five months later. The answer: “No.”

This begs the question – why did Palin lie? What’s her motivation to go to a baby shower with one baby and then campaign with another child? It doesn’t make any sense. These photos are the best evidence that Palin was lying about her baby, but they present more questions than they answer.

Well, maybe the mainstream media will pick on this and see where it leads, but I doubt it.

Also interesting is what Palin’s doctor did to perpetrate this hoax, if it is one. Her doctor’s name is Cathy Baldwin-Johnson. Alaska’s State Medical Board should look into any wrongdoing by Baldwin-Johnson. If not felonious, she certainly could have acted unethically. Visit Alaska’s State Medical Board Web site or file an official complaint with the State Medical Board here.

Read Gryphen’s story “A Tale of Two Babies by Sarah Palin.”



What’s the basis for certainty that the baby photographed at the baby shower is Trig Palin? Maybe there were other babies at the baby shower?


The basis is the US magazine cover where she introduced Trig to the rest of the world.

That looks like the same baby with the same blanket, taken with the same camera and at roughly the same time.


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