Christine O’Donnell Ad: I Didn’t Get Into Yale

Christine O'Donnell

I’m not quite sure what the Tea Party Republican Christine O’Donnell is trying to do with her “I’m you” ads, but the latest one starts out, “I didn’t get into Yale.”

What she actually says is, “I didn’t go to Yale.” But we all know what that means, she’s still bitter about getting that rejection letter in the mail 20 years ago.

It’s OK Christine, I went to a state college – University of Washington. Hell, I didn’t even apply to Yale, but good for you for trying.

She uses the ad to reinforce her “I’m you” campaign slogan.

You’re not me Christine. I don’t believe scientists are creating mice with fully functioning human brains. I don’t think masturbation is a form of adultery. I don’t pretend to have classified information about China’s secret plot to takeover America. And I certainly don’t think evolution is a “myth.”

But then again, I don’t live in Delaware, so there you go.

I checked again on O’Donnell’s Web site and she still has no public events scheduled to meet with Delaware voters.

Her opponent Chris Coons will be at “Making Strides for Breast Cancer” at Rodney Square in Wilmington on Sunday.

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