Christie’s Political Career Unraveling

A few weeks ago, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie was a top contender in the GOP to be the next President of the United States of America.

Now there’s a good chance, Christie won’t make it through his second term as governor. And even if Christie isn’t run out of office over the George Washington Bridge debacle, the Democrats in the state legislature are going to shut him down at every turn.

Christie wants this story to be winding down, but unfortunately for him, it’s just getting going.

With the latest data dump, it’s quite interesting that some in Christie’s inner circle could end up in prison for breaking state and federal laws.

It simply defies logic to imagine that┬áRegina Egea, then Christie’s director of Authorities Unit and now his incoming chief of staff, knew about the bridge mess on September 13, the week that it happened, but didn’t bother to mention it to the governor.

According to Christie, he first heard about this bridge kerfuffle, as it relates to his staff this week, and he’s “stunned.”

What’s also stunning is that Christie admittedly has no interest in learning what motivated key members of his staff, and his political appointees to destroy the town of Fort Lee for four days.

During his nearly 2-hour press conference this week, Christie said he wasn’t interested in why his deputy chief of staff and one of his political appointees at the Port Authority shut that bridge down on purpose, just to mess with Fort Lee.

Both Christie and the mayor of Fort Lee have effectively debunked the theory that the town was being retaliated against because the mayor didn’t endorse Christie for his reelection in November.

Christie said he was not seeking the the mayor of Fort Lee’s endorsement.

Now back to Christie’s deputy chief of staff, who is a co-conspirator, in the bridge shutdown plan.

The way this is supposed to work is that the conspirators, once caught, sit down with their boss to explain why they did what they did. Once that is finished, they are fired.

The only logical conclusion for Christie to show no interest in answering the “Why?” question is that the answer will make him look either bad or downright guilty.

Fortunately that question will certainly be asked and answered before this scandal is all over, and when it is, it’s not clear that Governor Christie will survive.

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