Carl Paladino Says Voters Will ‘Look at my Essence’

Carl Paladino

Carl Paladino

I love the Tea Party. It’s the best thing to happen to politics since Barry Goldwater ripped the GOP to shreds over Civil Rights. Carl Paladino won as the Tea Party backed GOP nominee for governor of New York, and he’s mad as hell.

“It’s not necessarily anger, it’s an intensity,” Paladino told NY1 last night. “I am speaking out for a lot of New Yorkers and they are aggravated.”

What’s he going to do if he becomes New York’s next governor?

“We are going to take out entire agencies, we are going to take out entire departments and divisions of agencies. Government for the sake of government will end,” Paladino explained to NY1’s Elizabeth Kaledin.

He said, this isn’t a “tweak job,” he’s not going to nibble around the edges, he will gut the government like a deer that’s been shot through the neck. He didn’t mention the deer analogy, but he would have if he had thought of it.

Kaledin asked if he felt this type of rhetoric might be threatening to some people, and Paladino said, “They should be threatened. Absolutely. I want them to be threatened. … The people are going to vote for Carl Paladino. The people will look at my essence.”


NY1 Online: Carl Paladino On “Inside City Hall” 9/15/10
Angry Man Carl Paladino: ‘You think these people who voted for us yesterday just crawled out of a space ship?’

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Kay Allwood

I am a democrat but have been following your campaign and wish I could have voted for you in the primary. As it stands now I will be supporting you in Nov. However I see the Republicans starting their usual nasty politics and hope that you try to keep your campaign above their dirty rhetoric. I know that you can be abrasive but Please..KEEP IT CLEAN…


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