Beat: Tea Party People’s Party

the tea party is a huge steaming pile of shit. that’s all it is. a bunch of illiterate motherfuckers getting played for fools and thinking they’re so clever. they fight for health insurance companies so they can die a painful death from ass cancer. they fight for more war so they can get their heads blown off, and for what?

the tea party peoples party is bought and paid for by the wealthy elite. the oil men. the coal men. the men who like shit to stay just the way it is – with them still rich and the rest of us broke and desperate for any scraps they toss over the side of their 60-foot yacht. yes sir. thank you sir. may i have just one sip of wine sir?

but these ignorant tea partyers can’t see that they’re being played like pawns in the rich man’s game of chess. they think they’re fighting for the constitution, whatever that means. they think they’re patriots, whatever that means. they think they’ve got the world figured out, whatever that means.

unless you’re rich. unless you’ve got a big old trust fund. walk away. put down your “obama’s a nazi” sign and just walk away. go home. kiss your wife. play catch with your son or your daughter. if you don’t have a job, go back to college and learn a new trade. join a labor union. move somewhere else that has jobs. but don’t pretend that the oil man, or the coal man, or the politician is ever going to do a goddamn thing to help you. they help themselves. they help themselves.

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